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Website Hosting... In the Cloud

All BrightWork custom websites are designed so that the client can update their site directly using the WYMSY® website and content management system. It's our philosophy--you own the site and the content and if you want to change it, you should have all of the tools to do so directly and easily.

We deliver the content management tools as part of the website hosting package which also includes email hosting. There is no software to buy and you can edit the site from any computer. WYMSY is a hosted solution, that is, we provide all functionality, including the online editing, through our servers so there is no software to buy for your desktop.

Our servers are professionally managed by with engineering staff support 24/7, 365 days per year, are backed up nightly and run with mirrored disks to further increase redundancy.

Cloud computing is Internet-based computing of shared resources including server hardware and software like the search engine software Google provides. Such software is provided to your desktop and other devices on demand, like the electricity grid. Software like Microsoft Word is classified as client side software as it is required to be installed on every desktop to be used.