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Love to Design, Hate to Maintain? 

"WYMSY gives you the option to enable your clients restricted access to content so they can update their own sites.

You can lock them out of the design features and/or limit them to specified pages, or give them total access to all features. Security is designed to be flexible.

WYMSY gives my clients a simple, affordable way to manage site content without being limited by predefined templates and designs. 

For clients that need the ability to update regularly, want a custom-designed site, but can't afford a fully customized, dynamic  solution, WYMSY fills the bill perfectly. 

And for those times when tech support or answers are needed, the BrightWork, Inc. staff is always responsive and helpful. 

All this means I can spend more time on design and less time holding hands or sweating out arcane technical issues, plus give my clients a great solution for their web needs."

CC, Cave Dog Studio

Web Designers

Grow your business with WYMSY

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We create website design tools for professional web and graphic designers,
who may also target the small business and/or non-profit markets.


Our design features expedite the development of custom sites by allowing
you to create professional, customized style sheets that pre-populate every
new page while we do all the back end functionality for you.


It's automatically generated for every page and your clients will now have
the option of editing their content directly without having to purchase software
for their desktops.


WYMSY supports flash, sound, slide shows, java applets and comes with
completely functional e-commerce, so you have all the back end capabilty
already developed for you...

Features and More Features

We have already designed the backend functionality for:

Calendars, in list or graphic form

Bulleting boards, moderated or unmoderated

Threaded discussion boards, moderated or unmoderated

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Password protected pages

Secure pages

Catalog pages

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