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What our clients say about BrightWork... 

"Jane and Daniel,

Thank you for all of your hard work, expertise, and patience on our new Reading Power website! It looks beautiful and has a lot of dynamic features. We launched it to our board of directors on Tuesday night and they were very impressed! Take care and have a wonderful summer ;)!"

–Rebecca Mullen, Reading Power Inc, N. Chicago

"Yesterday I sent out the link to my amazing new site, and the feedback has been incredible. I am sending you just one example of the responses that are flooding in from throughout the country. Analesa is an artist herself, so I know her comment is a reflection of her own awareness as well as her personal process in creating her own site. Others have used words like striking, beautiful, radiant, goose bumps and many more expressions of delight. With gratitude for your patience, persistence, and creative genius!"

–Michele Tamaren, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Director & Life Coach

"Easiest website editing software EVER!"

– South Carolina Solar Council

"Thank you again for putting together such a beautiful website. I just love how it turned out! I am so appreciative of how you created it so thoughtfully, wonderfully and quickly. Truly, it was more than I could have hoped for."

–Ellen Frankel, Author

"Thank you very much for your prompt and courteous service. I have had two previous web designers and never received such attention, and have never been happier! Thank you!"

–Tracy O'Neil, Owner O'Neil Fitness

"Brightwork is one of the most caring, yet professional organizations I have come across particularly as a non -profit business owner....they really seek to work with you, do not condescend, give clear feedback and prompt replies and easy to follow tips. The software is especially user-friendly and effective! I highly recommend them even if you've never requested help to design your new website!"

–Laura Wilhelm, Director, Collaborative Artworks, Inc

"It is really great and I am getting very positive feedback. Dilly (BrightWork graphic designer) is brilliant."

–Dale Klein, Painter/Artist

"Thank you for helping me get off the ground, break into new territories and look so professional with the "UP 2 CODE" site. Working with you has been a pleasure and I'm thrilled that I can go into WYMSY, and add/modify/update the site when necessary...It is only going to go "UP" from here!"

–Alison Becker

"Your intuitive, simple, easily understandable web authoring tool helped time-pressed people like us to build a site within days and had it up and running in a snap!"

–R Segil

"BrightWork is fantastic! Using the wymsy system I can make changes to my Web Site over morning coffee or with a class of wine at the end of the day; changing text, dragging and dropping new photos, and keeping my site current is as easy as writing a Word document."

–Michael J. Duda

"I've developed four Web sites, and in the past making a change was arduous.  Everyone would have moaned and groaned because it would be a pain. With WYMSY, all it takes is a few clicks."

–Christine Sullivan, Executive Director of The Enterprise Center

"I talked to a lot of campers and parents about our website. I was amazed at the number who said that our website was the major reason they attended our camp."


"We really haven't talked in a while and I don't think I ever told you how well the website is working for us.  It has cut down on the phone calls more than I could have imagined.  I used to need someone to answer the phone for about four hours a day, now I need someone for an hour and a half and ninety percent of that time is taking actual orders."

–Ann Sterit, Periwinkles Food Shop