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Search Engine Optimization Services

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google.

But, with 234 million websites as of December 2009 and 47 million websites added in 2009 alone*, and certainly that many or more in 2010, the competition is daunting.

That's why we partner with experts. Search engine engineers are constantly changing the algorithms that drive search results to prevent people from gaming their systems and to keep up with a constantly expanding universe of websites. Our collaborators do nothing but search engine optimization so they stay on top of the trends. They can help you strategize how to invest your marketing budget wisely and get found online by the people you want to find you. Like BrightWork, and unlike the vast majority of SEO companies, our experts specialize in smaller organizations and understand the challenges our clients face.

Our Premium Web marketing services include:

Our SEO services will increase your presence on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines which will translate directly into more traffic to your website.

Here’s a quick synopsis of what is offered with the service:

  • Full SEO diagnostic report of website
  • Greatly increased presence on the internet with professionally done listings with 25 local/national search sites (google, yahoo, yelp, ect) – using specific key words to target people searching for what you have to offer
  • Install and help analyze web tracking to let you know specifically which sites people are using to find you and provide a report that will show exactly how we’re helping you
  • Monitor all sites for reviews and correct information and add promotions, coupons and events.