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Mobile, aka Smart Phones and Tablets

BrightWork websites work well on smart phones and tablets and we are constantly evaluating technology trends and user preferences to stay on top of the constant changes. For example, because iPhones and iPads do not support Flash, a video file format, we no longer use it. Instead, we work with technologies that display on all modern smart phones and tablets.

We are monitoring how fast smart phones are becoming as robust as computer browsers. Some businesses create totally separate websites designed exclusively to work on smart phones while we design sites that work well on all three platforms: computers, tablets and smart phones. However, brick and mortar businesses often benefit from special smart phone sites that include GPS functions, coupons and QR codes and we encourage those businesses to consider such sites. And, there is growing evidence that as tablets and phones get more robust, we are spending less time on our computers.

Your online strategy is a moving target given the rapid pace of technology and user behavior changes. BrightWork partners with you to help find the best, most cost and time effective ways to reach your target audiences.

Check out this slide show to see the statistics and predictions for the future:

Tablets: Will They Replace Computers?

Here's an example of how doctors are using the iPad in preference to using computers:

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