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Activating Your New Website

Congratulations! It is always exciting to see our efforts come online.

Now that your site is ready for launching, your domain name must be pointed to the BrightWork servers. This will allow everyone using the internet to find your new site.

But first, if BrightWork is not going to host your email, please provide us with the MX and/or A record needed to direct email traffic to your email host.

Once the email question is resolved and you are ready to activate your new site, go into your account with your domain name registrar (Network Solutions,, etc.) and select the option to edit your DNS settings. Some registrars put this function under "Manage Domain Name."

You will be asked to specify two servers:

  • Name server 1 should be completed as: NS1.BRIGHTWORKINC.NET

  • Name server 2 should be completed as: NS2.BRIGHTWORKINC.NET

              (Note: The above is not case sensitive.)
  • Leave any additional name server lines blank.

In rare cases, you may also be asked for the IP address. Those numbers are: (associated with NS1.BRIGHTWORKINC.NET) (associated with NS2.BRIGHTWORKINC.NET)    

Should you have any questions please call or email us 781-639-1122.