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A word on images, photos, files etc

The cardinal "rule" is, when in doubt, leave it alone. Please don't re-size photos or artwork, or alter it unless you are sure you have the tools and training to do so. It's much easier for us to do these things, than try to backtrack and fix images that sometimes unfortunately are too far gone.

However, if you have the tools to do so, please keep these few things in mind:

We prefer .TIF and .EPS files if they are available. .JPG and .RAW camera files are also fine.

We can work with some of the lower quality formats, but are limited by the laws of gravity, so to speak.

The majority of the time we are given a large amount of data, whether it be Word files (Please no Publisher or Word perfect, you can "save as" a .DOC file), PDF documents, photos, logos, what have you… It ends up being a large cumulative amount of files, and this can be hard to deal with sending or receiving.

All that you need to do is put all the files you wish to send to us (ALL) in a new folder, then right click on the folder, choose COMPRESS or ZIP, and get us that zip file. Rename the zip file once it has been created to avoid any confusion. Any questions, call Daniel at 781-268-2649.
Whether its on a CD, thumbdrive, or sent via, for which there is no charge, its much easier and faster when everything is all in one spot (As the newly created ZIP file), and appropriately labeled to avoid any confusion. These thumb drives or CDRs can be given to us in person or through the mail, whatever is more convenient for you.

We have developed these guidelines through experience, and found taking a few simple steps in the beginning saves a lot of time and in the long run.