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Email Hosting

We host your email and include up to 5 addresses with your website hosting.
This allows you to have professional addresses ie: rather than gmail or yahoo accounts. In addition, we have state of the art anti-spam services from Postini, a Google company, that let you set how aggressive you want to be to keep the spammers out. We'll walk you through the sometimes bewildering processing of setting up your email boxes, and show you how to also access email using webmail.

Email Marketing

Email blasts, outbound email, email newsletters, it all adds up pushing out your message to customers, clients, prospects and constituents. It's efficient and cheap by comparison to snail mail, but there are techniques and tools that make it work well and plenty of pitfalls if you try to do this on your own. One of the biggest pitfalls is triggering the anti-spam filters that recognize when the same email is sent to more than several of their clients, for which they will shut you down. Some people find they have to break up their lists into small groups, but this is hardly convenient. And then of course is the challenge of keeping your distribution list straight. That's why we partner with Constant Contact. They have the tools and relationships with your client's email hosts and actively manage getting you  through the spam filters.

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact