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Color Palette Examples

This will be helpful to clients choosing a new color scheme or for clients who wish to change what they currently have. Please take a few minutes to take a look at this compiled visual aid. Its usually best to keep it simple with colors, I usually recommend a Primary, a secondary (or two) and a Highlight. All palettes are matched so that any color within can be matched with any other one.

IE: The first blue and last orange in "Midday Madness" would match, as would either match the third blue. A highlight may be the cream.

Any more questions or color can be made on your free consultation!

Moonlight Opus

Moonlight Opus 2

Midday Madness

Midday Madness 2

Asian Dawn

Asian Dusk

Raging Storm

Brooding Storm

Tropical Heat Wave

Tropical Night Out

Late Afternoon Sun

Muted Morning Sun

Dutch Modern

Dutch Antique

Viva Victoria

Viva Victoria 2

Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction 2

Nostalgia Revisited

Nostalgia Revisited 2

Remember the Sixties

Remember the Sixties 2

Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti 2

Friends of Formica

More Friends of Formica

Too Cool for School

Much Too Cool for School


Retroactive 2

Funky Crittas

Funky Crittas 2

Positive Vibe

Positive Vibe 2

High Anxiety

Higher Anxiety


Mellowtone 2


Melancholic 2

Vacation Mood

Vacation Mood 2

Blue Paranoia

Purple Paranoia

Love Actually

Love Actually 2

Sea of Tranquility

Sea of Tranquility 2


Equilibrium 2

Out of Control

Out of Control 2

No Picnic

No Picnic 2

Apple Yummy

Apple Yuck

Rural Idyll

Rural Idyll Updated

Toxic Blend

More Toxic Blend

Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise Lost

Scary Woodland

Natural Woodland

Harvest Time

Harvest Time 2

Desert Natural

Desert Extreme

Mainly Mineral

Mainly Mineral 2


Tiepolopathy 2

Deco Artifice

Deco Artifice 2

Rather Rothko

Rather Rothko 2


Turneresque 2

Moody Magritte

Moody Magritte 2

Regency Dandy

Empire French Style

Egypt Pristine

Egypt Faded

Midieval ReMix

Midieval ReMix 2

Islam Fusion

Islam Fusion 2

LaLa Renoir

LaLa Renoir 2


Adam Updated

Cave Art

Cave Art 2

Practical Printmaker

Practical Printmaker 2

Kinda Kandinsky

Kinda Kandinsky 2