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Nelson Bright, the president, is the chief architect and software developer. Nelson started his engineering career designing electronic switching systems and computer hardware for Bell Laboratories after receiving his Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and his BA and Bachelors of Engineering from Dartmouth College. He moved into software development in 1999 to leverage internet capabilities and started designing websites.

In 2002, he saw the need for non-profits and small businesses to be able to maintain and update their own websites without relying on technology gurus or having to learn programming. He then started creating what is now the WYMSY website management system. He continually solicits client input and is constantly adding features to the WYMSY software.

He is skilled in programming in Cold Fusion, JavaScript, HTML, XML and CSS. 

"User interface is my passion.
Our whole business is dedicated to developing
technology and services for non-technical people."
-Nelson Bright

"Yes, we are husband and wife. Jane adds
a strong business focus as well as knowledge
of the non-profit world. She runs the business
side and I oversee the technology."
-Nelson Bright

Jane Bright, CEO, is a seasoned business executive with over 25 years at leading Fortune 500 companies including business analysis and running Human Resource Information Systems for major companies in the Boston area.

At BrightWork, Jane specializes in building project teams tailored to client needs and helping clients develop and leverage their web content.  Whether starting from scratch or having information overload, Jane will guide clients through the process of packaging information to help engage and motivate site visitors to take whatever actions our clients want.

She also determines website and internet requirements for clients to insure they have superior, rapid-response communication capability through technology and their web presence.

Jane helped lead the formation of HealthLink, a non-profit advocacy group that has received regional and statewide recognition for effective advocacy. She is on the boards of several non-profits across New England.

"For businesses, we explore how the site can grow profits.
For non-profits, we find out how the site can engage donors, save operating costs  and deliver services productively."
-Jane Bright


"Small businesses and non-profits are key to the prosperity of all of us yet face enormous resource challenges. Everything BrightWork does augments clients' resources, and is designed to provide the customized services and tools they really need to succeed."

-Jane Bright

Daniel Hillinger, affectionately known as "Dilly" to those who care to use nicknames, joined the team in late 09, hired as an intern at first then grew in experience and talent from there.

He has now launched his own company, Busted Abraham Graphics and with his extensive background in Art and Design, as well as a good business head on his shoulders, will continue to provide website design services.  He is proficient in Quark XPress and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc on both Mac and PC platforms. He is an aspiring professional photographer, with a gallery hanging in Lee's restaurant (East Main St in Gloucester).

He handles the majority of the design work and client interactions involved, and is a go-getter in the sense of nothing matters more to him than supplying the best possible website to our clients.

He has both an Associates Degree and a Certificate in Digital Graphic Design, as well as a stack of artwork and a professional portfolio, some of which is featured on this site as examples. He resides in Gloucester, has a passion for arts and entertainment, and thrives on "one-on-one" client interactions.


"My main concern is getting the client what they
want before they expect it. I have a passion for mom and pop
business, and I find it personally satisfying that
I can help them grow and prosper with
a pro looking site and new web presence."

"I put my heart and soul into my designs,
and can provide anything from funky to button
down corporate. I believe in my ability to communicate
with clients, and get to what they really want."

My mantra is: The two most important words in graphic design are
legibility and readablity. Then you worry about creativity.