23 July 2014
Your website on a mobile device is the future.
Statistics show that the majoritty of net searches are done on a mobile device

The future is scary. Change is daunting, especially when it appears you have very little choice in the matter. Lots and lots of people have smart phones. OR tablets. And some barely use their desktops/laptops unless they have to.

Question is, what does your site look like on an iPhone?

Did you know that you can have a special mini site, or a dot mobi site, that will be designed to be viewed on these devices?

Well, this is true and available to businesses everywhere, and it's not a big sdeal to have done.

It just condenses your big site into a simple and easy to navigate version. If your site is illegible on a smart phone, the your site viewers may opt out and try again.

This is very bad clearly, especially if they found you on a search engine and this is their first impression.

Just a wee bit of food for thought. Shameless plug is that we offer to ".mobi" your site for a flat fee of $299.

I'm waiting by the phone to hear from you.

Daniel 781-268-2648

Posted by dilly at 3:44 PM in Business strategy | Link

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