18 October 2013
Congratulations Lars Peter Hansen, Nobel winner in Economics
From floor finishers to nobel laureates, BrightWork takes great pride in our clients
Dr. Lars Peter Hansen won the Nobel in Economics this week. We are thrilled to see one of our clients get such prestigious international recognition and are proud to have created his website and provide continuing support. OK, we didn't always understand some--perhaps most of the technical content on the site, but we always get an education when we learn about a new business.

BrightWork only works with small businesses and non-profits and it is part of the joy of this job: We are always learning. We take the approach that we must understand a business and where the website fits in the overall marketing and/or operation of the business for us to do a good job. We now have two Nobel winners in our client base, along with someone selling yarn, an organization helping victims of domestic abuse, merchant marines who pilot enormous ships through rocky seas, hockey camps, elder care services and T-shirt makers, and many more.

We like variety and thrive on stretching to learn a new industry and business. It is largely why we do only custom websites and why we like clients who partner with us. We've gotten rather good at helping clients overwhelmed by the challenge of being succinct figure out what to say. I am constantly reminding clients, gently, to spell out the benefits of what they deliver and not so much what they do all day. Frankly, their clients and customers don't really care about that as much as what they will do for them.

It may sound hokey, but we get emotionally invested with our clients' and seeing them succeed. While each client's measure of success is different, that is what they and we are all striving to achieve. And when they do, we at BrightWork are thrilled.

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