18 July 2013
When a website discussion is really about business strategy
Business strategy should win
I am in discussions with a client about adding items to her online store. The problem is, it’s a bad idea from a business standpoint: the items to be added will compete with the main products and undercut her overall sales.

I told the client that she should look at the return from the sales of the added items and how much they will cannibalize her main product before she proceeded. As much as I’d like to take her money to build out her website more, I want her business to succeed, even when it is at our expense.

Why are we, the web design and tech people, the ones coaching clients on their business plan? It's just who we are and what we do. Or put another way, I can’t help myself.  I believe that technology is a means to an end and if the end doesn’t help the business, there is not much sense in doing it even when BrightWork stands to profit from a client's poor decision. 

Being business partners is just part of our DNA. It sometimes gets us into trouble with clients who want to dictate what a design looks like or how something will work when our expertise indicates it is lousy design. So, as well as offer business coaching, we do a lot of education around graphic design for the web. And yes, the web is different from print.

So, should a graphic design and software company be doing business coaching and web design education? Why yes, if you want to end up with a successful website. And did I mention we can't help ourselves on this?

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