30 May 2013
Disruptive Technology-Today’s Favorite Word Phrase
No one is safe

A recent article about how a phone app is reshaping taxi services used the term "disruptive technology" to describe this new technology that is causing such resistance in the taxi industry.

Disruptive technology is one of those terms that says so much so succinctly: It screams pain. And yet, it isn't all bad.

It is also a way of life today and particularly challenging for smaller businesses and non-profits as they both adapt to and leverage new technology. Like teens spending hours on social media vs hours on the telephone a generation ago, business people adopt and reshape technology for their use too.

Unlike teens, however, many of us are less adaptable and more time challenged. And, like so much else in business, it comes down to old-fashioned time management: What’s the best use of my time right now? Will an investment of time in new technology now return more time or profits? Making that assessment is not always obvious.

So, consider this: For websites and the whole online presence, the technology is simply a delivery system of information and/or services. It is replacing the phone and snail mail, but it does not replace content or quality of service. It is just a different way of distributing it

Content and what you are selling remains paramount. No matter how cool this taxi-hailing app is, it will not move you from point A to point B without some sort of wheeled vehicle, and it is that wheeled vehicle service the taxi companies are selling. The app changes how customers contact them and creates a new business for the app seller, but it is not a replacement for the fundamental service taxis sell.

So, when you feel technology is overwhelming you, just keep it in perspective. Yes, it is disruptive, but that can be a good thing if it leads to greater efficiency and reach more prospects. I never said it wouldn’t be annoying at times, however.

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