12 November 2012
About That Publicity
What your time is worth and Pole Dancing Championships
I thought a little guidance from an article about what my time is worth would be, well, worth my time to read. Like so many practitioners in the knowledge industry, I often under bill for my time.

So, I clicked on the link to CBS MoneyWatch to read the article. And then my eyes got yanked off of the words to the bottom right corner. Yes, the screen grab is small, but you are right. That is an ad to see the images from the World Pole Dancing Championship. There are 30 such photos to be exact.

Oh, and the article about what my time is worth? I read it with considerable wonder as to how the author would feel having a business piece next to such a provocative image.

We all want to get published, publicity is good, visibility online is what we preach. But really, it now looks as though we still need to be careful where we show up and in what company.

Posted by jane bright at 5:19 PM in Communication | Link

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