29 October 2012
Distracted? You bet
The virtue of being succinct online
I can see the waves crashing over the seawall outside my window as Hurricane Sandy arrives. Distracted? You bet. I am expecting the power to go off at any moment and I keep looking away from the computer to see how high the waves are…now. My productivity has been washed away, too.

Today’s particular distraction is mercifully unusual, but lots of competition for our attention is now the norm. Since we live in a world of attention challenged customers and colleagues, I often coach our website clients about the need to speak clearly, use headlines and communicate visually. “Your website visitors shouldn’t have to work to figure out what’s in it them to do business with you,” I remind them as we help frame their message.

On a website, visitors want the information quickly and succinctly. What works in a printed document dense with text does not work online. So the next time you have trouble concentrating through all of the distractions, remember that your customers and prospects feel the same way. Wouldn’t you appreciate a concise communication from someone respectful of your time? So would your customers. If your website fails the concise test, we can help, but maybe not today.

Some of those waves are now a good 20’ high when they crash. It is spectacular, and very distracting.

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