28 September 2012
Life Happens
and Other Excuses for Not Blogging
Running a small business while having a life feels like a contradiction. The reality today is that we are all expected to be available to clients, colleagues and family 24/7. And yes, kids, there was a time, long long ago when there was a clear separation between work time and personal time, and bosses and clients even respected it. Juggling the personal with professional was tough enough then and with smart phones and email and texting, there is no separation at all any more.

So, when (not if) you or key staff get sick, when a family member needs lots of attention and there is no end in sight, when the cyber criminals get busy attacking every server in the country, when clients get unreasonable while also not paying their bills, etc., blogging can fall pretty low on the priority list. Survival becomes numbers 1 - 20.

And yet, for some clients, being present online all of the time is key to their survival. In our case, while blogging is highly desirable, it is not the only way we have of staying in front of clients. OK, our Facebook page got a little skimpy too, but we are still standing and I hope back to blogging. So, while I highly recommend blogging to our clients, I also ask them to be realistic and honest about what blogging will do for them. Candidly, and I may be in the minority, I recommend that if you can't blog at least once a month and have something new to say, don't bother. If your are a social media professional, however, you should be blogging daily and your business depends on it. Blog with a purpose and don't be too hard on yourself when life happens.

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