01 February 2012
From Angry Birds to Productivity
The app evolution
Just as we saw websites evolve from the control of techies to marketing and sales folks, apps are going through a similar change. From games and all that cool stuff, because techies love to do cool stuff, our clients are starting to think in terms of how apps can help with their operations. And that's cool for us as well as productive for them.

With the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, technology is now on our person at all times...or in the bottom of some of our purses, but I digress. Sales people are entering orders, travelers are checking into their flights with their phones and doctors are reviewing patient charts on their tablets at bedside updating into the patient database and adjusting meds and treatments immediately.

And, have you noticed some apps are so much easier to use than some websites? Try checking a departure gate on American Airlines website vs their app. Many clicks vs one. And, when my son's flight got cancelled and re-booked (snow in Seattle) the app on my iPhone updated his information immediately with the new flight number, gate and yes, the string of  delays. Think of all of the phone calls they avoided (it's a mom thing) with this service and how useful it was for me to know what was going on.

So, next time you are working at your computer or desk, ask yourself if an app could save you time. No, not if, how. With technology in our pockets at all times, there are wonderful ways to put it to work. Then call us and we'll do the cool stuff to make it work for you. 781-268-2648

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