01 December 2011
The Downside of flashy Flash sites
Lessons from HBO that should be set in the Wild West
I like to look at entertainment websites to see what those in the business of selling visual experiences are doing. I figure they should be trend setters. The HBO.com site is visually dramatic, with huge, uncluttered images and little text. It is very slick, stunning even and it is a problem even for HBO. You see, the site uses Flash, a controversial technology we are advising our clients to avoid. Why? Flash is invisible on iPhones and iPads, slow to load and being boycotted by some.

So, here is HBO's not so slick message when I tried to reach their website using my iPhone:

"It appears that you are visiting hbo.com on a device that is not fully supported by our website. For an optimized HBO.com experience, please choose from one of the following options:

For mobile browsing: Visit our mobile optimized site

For the optimal iPhone or iPad experience: Download the HBO App from iTunes

For the best Android experience: Download the HBO App from the Android Market

Or view an HTML-only version of HBO.com"

Considering the budget HBO must have needed to come up with 3 different websites and two apps so they could use Flash on their main website, I find this instructive for the rest of us. Flash is expensive and has costly ramifications when you want your internet presence to work on multiple platforms. There are good alternatives to Flash that avoid this problem altogether.

So, if you are not happy with how your site looks on smart phones, give us a call and we'll find an affordable, professional solution.

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