01 November 2011
Getting Your Site Found - New (and Old) Features
aka, doing the dance with Google and Bing
Not living and breathing search algorithms 24/7, I am no expert in the arcane world of Search Engine Optimization.  We do, however, pay close attention to making sure our sites are visible to the search engines and frequently add such features. That is why we are just rolling out an automated site map. (For some reason, search engines love site maps. Go figure.)

We also make our navigation visible, an important point made in this article from Practical E-Commerce: "The effectiveness of navigational optimization relies entirely on implementing a crawlable navigation, of course. If the navigation uses complex JavaScript, Flash, or other uncrawlable technologies...read more.

We do not use Flash or javascript in the navigation. And, one tip that is new to me from this article is that links within the body of the site add value to being found. Who new?

If you want to add a site map to your site, go into your SiteMaster panel>click the SEO tab>click the SEO Options button> select Site Map>Automatically generate sitemap. Save your selection and republish the site from SiteMaster. Please call us for assistance if you need some help. 781-268-2648.

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