26 October 2011
Trifecta Marketing- Where your website fits
Movile devices, social media and email marketing
Our clients tend to be small businesses and non-profits, all stretched for resources. They often feel overwhelmed when deciding where to invest their time in outreach to their constituents and with social media, email marketing and tablets and smart phones, many are overwhelmed. So, looking at this research from Flowtown may be instructive, except that it totally ignores the importance of your website:

Your website is the anchor for your message and presence in cyberspace, so keeping it in synch with your other cyberspace activities is crucial for branding. Any news sent out in a newsletter should be on your site. Events you invite people to through Facebook should be on your home page. Special sales at your store in your mobile app or listed through Yelp should be on your home page. If that's not happening, your website isn't working and you need to get back to basics.

With so many ways to reach constituents online today, it is best to have a plan and know that every time you post something in social media, you need to ask yourself if your website is consistent and up-to-date. It's as much a mindset as time management. Compared to old style advertising using TV and print, online outreach is much more cost effective. So, give it a little thought and if you need help with the tools, let us know. 781-268-2648 Thanks.

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