20 October 2011
To Scroll or Not to Scroll
Web design debates
We frequently get into "lively discussions", (yes, that's a euphemism) with clients about how long the ideal web page should be. There are those who insist scrolling is bad, and others who understand that web pages look different on different monitors, tablets vs computers and smart phones. Here is an article that goes into detail on why scrolling is not the issue some think it is: Designing Above the Fold Necessary and explains it well.

I am a firm believer that form follows content. Unless you are in entertainment business, your site visitors are there for information. If the information is engaging and what they want, they will scroll. Our approach is to lay out each page to reinforce the message using headlines and images as well as the text. Then, of course, there is the overall image of your organization that should be conveyed graphically as well. Page length is less and less important, especially as more and more visitors arrive on different appliances.

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