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Business Consulting Now Included with Website Design Services

8/23/05 "Customer after customer tell us we approach websites differently, so it was clear there is a need and an opportunity,” explained Jane Bright of BrightWork, Inc in Marblehead."

In response, BrightWork has expanded their Web Design Division to provide business consulting as an integral component of website design. “Many small businesses know they need a website, since sites are now as expected as telephones, but approach it as a necessary evil or electronic artwork. How a website looks is important, but only one element of a good site, “ she said. The goal of BrightWork is to design sites to function as effective business tools that grow revenues and/or reduce operating costs, build their constituent base and look professional. “Unless you understand the context of the client’s business, now and future, you can end up with an exquisitely pretty online face, but not much brain behind it! Our mission is to have both."

"Starting with a great site is only part of the challenge," explained Nelson Bright, President and chief technology architect of BrightWork. Sighting research that the number one reason people avoid websites is outdated content, he continued “WYMSY was developed for small businesses and not profits to expedite and simplify updating their websites inexpensively. A site maintenance strategy is built into every site we design."

Jane's 25 plus years as a business executive and strategist comes through to customers. "I always start with asking the purpose of the website. I guide them through the thought process and provide examples, such as reduce snail mail costs while increasing communication for non-profits, or increase revenues through low cost e-commerce. When we finish, customers are clear what will make their site successful and worthwhile, no matter how small or large their budget."

Provided that a new or updated website makes sense for the customer, Bright then discusses the site appearance and frequently partners with graphic design artists.
Bright offered a few sample considerations for those creating or redoing their website:

What are the demographics of the intended site visitor as different ages interact with sites differently, are visitor the general public including people on slow graphic-loading dial up connections, how will the website integrate with brochures and other print media, etc and how will your site integrate with email.

BrightWork, Inc designs websites and develops intuitive technology for small businesses and non-profits. Their WYMSY website management system enables non-technical people to edit their websites and provides web designers the functionality to custom design easy-to-maintain sites.