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BrightWork Adds New Features

April 12, 2006 BrightWork, Inc announced today the release of version 2.1 of the WYMSY website management system for small businesses, non-profits and graphic designers. WYMSY-built websites are designed for easy updating to keep websites competitive and current without technical training.

"We are constantly adding new features to WYMSY to insure our customers have the best tools to manage their websites," said Nelson Bright, President and founder of BrightWork, Inc. "It is part of our commitment to improve the product continuously and provide our customers with elegant and intuitive website tools."

The new features include automatically generated drop down menus that work across different browsers, more style options and custom design flexibility, and additional security features.

"Part of the strength of WYMSY is that our small business and non-profit customers can add new web pages themselves without technical assistance", said Jane Bright, Chief Operating Officer. “Drop down menus can be very helpful, but they are notorious for disappearing and not working properly, especially on some browsers. At BrightWork, we make sure our websites function on all major browsers, not just PCs running Internet Explorer."

The WYMSY website management system is developed to design and update custom websites especially for small organizations. An outdated website can be more of a liability than no website, even today when every organization is expected to be online. WYMSY provides the whole system to create, update and refresh a site easily and inexpensively.