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BrightWork Donates Website to
Creative Economy Association of the North Shore

October 12, 2005

BrightWork Inc, of Marblehead, developers of the WYMSY (pronounced "WIM-zee") website management system for designing and maintaining custom websites, created and donated the ceans.org website and is now adding a member directory for the newly formed Creative Economy Association of the North Shore. BrightWork became a founding member of CEANS recently and is actively participating in the young association’s formation.

"WYMSY is a perfect website solution for CEANS, as the organization is very dynamic and the site’s content changes frequently. CEANS needs to be able to update events, calendars and other information on the fly, and since we are dealing with volunteers, it has to be painless," explained Jane Bright of BrightWork. "We are very pleased to donate the site to the group," she added.

The site's design and content was a collaborative effort by several CEANS volunteers. "Robin Taliesen of Raven Creative in Marblehead designed a fantastic logo and color scheme and several people

 contributed information and pictures that I assembled on WYMSY. It was great working with everyone," said Bright.

"We are now designing a database of members so fellow members and customers of creative economy businesses can find them," explained Nelson Bright, BrightWork President. "We'll develop 'dynamic' pages for site visitors to search the database and see their results seamlessly. We think this will be another worthwhile service and we' re pleased to be able to contribute it."

BrightWork, Inc. is a web applications developer and website designer specializing in serving small business and non-profits. The WYMSY website management system provides all the tools needed to set up a web site, create and edit pages without having to learn to program, run a shopping cart, and more from any modern browser with no software to buy or download.